Poco X6 Pro Hands-On: A Look At the First Gaming Phone In 2024

POCO X6 Pro - hands-on 3

If you’re obsessed with the specs then gaming phones are what you’re looking for, but what if you’re on a budget? Poco’s latest offering, the Poco X6 Pro, is the first gaming phone in 2024 and, as usual, what it offers is great for the price.

The company was kind enough to send us review samples of their 2024 line-up – the Poco X6 Pro, Poco X6 and Poco M6 Pro. Let’s take a look at the hottest of the bunch: the Poco X6 Pro.

Since the phone launches on January 11th, we can’t discuss specs yet, but we can look at two other aspects: camera samples and overall design.

Together, these two items will give you a pretty good feel for how this one performs.

Spoiler alert: yes, it does confirm fans’ expectations about it being a Redmi K60E case, so the design is familiar. 

This is also one serious fingerprint magnet and the included case is essential if you don’t wanna leave marks on that mirror surface. 

Unlike the Poco X5 Pro, which had a textured look to help the camera island ‘stand out’, so to speak, this one is a totally black mirror. You could even do your make-up using this plastic back, so take that into account if you don’t like using a case. Still, the yellow Poco X6 Pro does look pretty amazing, so if you’re willing to get adventurous with color, you should definitely check that out.

Since this is a gaming phone, you wouldn’t expect Poco to invest everything in the camera and it shows. 

The POCO X6 Pro main camera produces vibrant images with good contrast. However, the primary colors, particularly reds and blues, tend to be slightly oversaturated.

The auto exposure consistently aims to brighten the image, requiring frequent manual adjustments to maintain the intended mood of the scene.

In the 64 MP mode, the main camera excels at capturing fine details. So much so that I chose to shoot the product shots of both the POCO X6 and POCO M6 Pro with it. Stay tuned for those! If you want to see the Poco X6 Pro camera samples at full size, check out this Google Drive folder for the unedited pics.

However, we did like the video side a lot – this camera has very good stabilization, as you can see in the videos below.

For a lesser known brand like this, this Poco X6 Pro timelapse shows just how competitive the Android market is and how brands are really working overtime to deliver value. Even on a niche phone, nowadays you can still expect a very good overall performance.

What do you think, is the Poco X6 Pro going on your wishlist?

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