Popslate 2 Displays Important News And eBooks On The Back Of Your Phone

What’s better than a wooden, printed or odd-shaped case? One that uses the back to showcase important news, updates and even books! Popslate 2 is a crowdfunding project that is not only feasible, but cool too.

After some revisions, the product is back on the Indiegogo site , with enough funds to go into production. Why have people warmed up to it? It’s the first case that gives the rear of your iPhone a functionality. Now, you can use it as a display for important news, weather updates and other app notifications, not to mention as a great e-reader. 

With three touch bottons at the bottom of the 200 dpi, shatterproof display, Popslate 2 lets you scroll through content and go to the next chapter of the book you’re reading. Although it doesn’t support Kindle, you can download books from Project Gutenberg and access them this way.

The founders are trying to convince more apps to work together with their own, so you can reach them more easily, in this unconventional way. For now, it provides a Wallet function that works with products that contain QR codes or bars, since the case is fully scannable.

The earliest day for shipping is in July for $149.


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