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Popular Security Camera Systems, Enhanced With Movidius Computer Vision Tech


The world’s largest manufacturer of security cameras, Hikvision, is going to benefit from Movidius’ computer vision tech integration. The company’s low-power Myriad 2 VPU (visual processing unit) will be at the core of millions of security cameras worldwide, the first being presented this week at China International Exhibit for Public Safety #securemagic

Movidius’ computer vision technology will help cameras understand what they see. They will be able to record a suspicious presence in your backyard and also tell if you’re dealing with a burglar or a mailman. This analysis will happen in real time, on device.

Hikvision owns 30% of the global market for security cameras, shipping about 60 million units every year, while Movidius is part of Intel since the September acquisition. 

“With the Myriad 2 VPU we’re able to make our analytics offerings much more accurate, flagging more events that require a response, while reducing false alarms. Embedded, native intelligence is a major step towards smart, safe and efficiently run cities. We will build a long term partnership with Movidius and its VPU roadmap.”, said Hikvision CEO in a public statement.

Movidius tech will be slowly integrated into the entire Hikvision product line. The Intel-owned firm has spoken to various video surveillance companies already and lots of them are interested in adding this computer vision system for a monthly fee, giving them the chance to expand their potential market from AR/VR and drones.

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Popular Security Camera Systems, Enhanced With Movidius Computer Vision Tech

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