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Portrait Photo Mode Comes With iOS 10.1 Update For iPhone 7 Plus


The latest iOS 10 update for Apple devices is filled with bug fixes and small features but also an interesting add to the camera. iPhone 7 Plus receives the ability take portraits with blurry backgrounds #mobilemagic

The feature still needs some tweaking but the important thing is you might get some decent pictures with the dual camera. You’ll notice how the new feature will let you capture pics with a sort of bokeh effect reserved previously only for DSLRs.

Aside from this, Apple’s update should fix the syncing issue that prevented users to store iTunes tracks on the Apple Watch. Moreover, you might find that your Apple Watch connects smoothly with your phone, thanks to the “improved Bluetooth connectivity”.

Check the other features in the information provided by the update in Settings.

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Portrait Photo Mode Comes With iOS 10.1 Update For iPhone 7 Plus
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