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Put On Zero G, The First Backpack That Won’t Give You Back Pain

Either school, work or weekend trips will force you to take the one thing you might dread the most when it comes to storage: your backpack. You know it’s going to give you more (back) trouble than it’s worth, but how else are you supposed to carry the laptop, books or hiking boots you need? We feel you and so is a Los Angeles start-up which developed the first weight-reducing backpack #objectmagic

Keep Pursuing created Project Zero-G, a stylish, minimalist backpack that “cares” about your chronic back pain. Inspired by contemporary race car design, it has a unique suspension system in 4 points, designed to distribute weight with regard to your environment and needs. Zero-G can absorb shocks, since each strap moves independently in reaction to kinetic forces. All four have upper and lower suspension, distributing impact, so you can feel a  25% reduction in stress as you rush to a meeting, an exam or up the mountain.

“Just like a vehicle’s suspension is adjusted to its cargo (with harder springs used for heavier loads), Project Zero-G can be calibrated to compensate for any additional weight. From hard to soft, the included suspension sets offer 3 spring rates: heavy-duty, normal, and light.“, explains the company in their Kickstarter campaign. 

Besides its obvious health benefit, Project Zero-G is a great carry-on for your gadgets, too. It has a special compartment for laptops up to 15-inches in size, an inner pocket for tablet and phone and other storage compartments. Plus, it has a very cool water-and-shock-resistant EVA base, so don’t worry about smashing your camera lenses or binoculars. Before you ask, yes, it’s completely waterproof.

If you’re on the lookout for a great backpack, this just might be that perfect choice (it’s certainly one of our favorites). An Early Bird will set you back $149, with a planned retail price of $199.

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