Qualcomm Is Setting Aside The Majority of Snapdragon 835 Chips For Samsung

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Industry reports say that most phones that will debut at MWC 2017 will lack a Snapdragon 835 chip, going instead with the 821 version. The reason seems to be Samsung’s intent to seduce customers with this exact feature later on #mobilemagic

According to Forbes, not even LG G6 will have the chance to sport one, as Samsung has “first dibs”. The manufacturer, which has been helping Qualcomm develop the chip, is going to secure most of the Snapdragon 835 chips for its own devices (insert here Samsung Galaxy S8). Since many reports indicate this will happen in the first half of April, all the mobile companies who will launch handsets until then are stuck with the Snapdragon 821.

After the S8 launch, things will turn back to normal and other companies will get a shot at scoring some processors for their own smartphones. This means one thing: you’ll have to be as patient as possible until summer arrives. Some companies could shift their strategy and launch flagship phones in the hottest season of the year, after the newest Qualcomm chip is made widely available.

That said, if the smartphone of your dreams does appear at MWC, with the Snapdragon 821, don’t be too sad; the same chip has done wonders for the overall performance of phones like Google Pixel and OnePlus 3T.

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