Reddit Polls, Turned Into Games With Real Bets

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Polls can be fun if you don’t have anything to do but they tend to get boring after a while. Reddit thought the same thing and created Predictions, a way to place bets on the right results of a poll.

After testing the feature for a year, Reddit has opened up Predictions for all communities with at least 10,000 members.

How does it work?

Mods start Predictions Tournaments with a series of questions, challenging members to predict the outcome of the conversation or even an event.

Members can participate if they place bets on those outcomes, where the bet itself is a Reddit token.

These token are specifically designed for the games and each member receives 1,000 for free when they join. a tournament.

The only condition is to make those token last during the tournament or else… you’re pretty much out of the game. Good news is every right prediction earns you more tokens.

There’s no other prize in the poll/prediction game, however. The creator of the tournament is the one in charge of making sure you leave with all your winnings, even if those are just tokens you can use back in the game and not in other corners of the Reddit platform.

Sounds cool?

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Reddit Polls, Turned Into Games With Real Bets
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