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This Remote Control For Cameras Lets You Keep Your Wi-Fi Connection

At one point or another, you’ll be alone with your camera. No one to take your pictures, no one to arrange the setup. For those moments, you’re going to need remote control. Now, most cameras have a remote control port or let you use a device via Wi-Fi to manage it. But do you really have to give up your Internet connection? Or be forced to use extra equipment? Not really, believes Oliver Perialis, founder of Foolography. He suggests to try Unleashed #fotomagic


Unleashed is Foolography’s latest product, presented at Photokina. This custom Bluetooth device works in tandem with a special app to let you control your camera from a distance, without compromising much (okay, just a live preview for lack of bandwidth). In fact, you can almost forget about the tiny device plugged in the USB port of the camera, unlike an Internet Wi-Fi connection lost.

Unleashed app

As for the app, it’s compatible with iOS and Android operating systems and allows you to change crucial settings such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation and much more. In video mode, you can adjust them while you film. This way, you can take long exposure photos stress-free or let it capture a time lapse of the city with exposure ramping. Up to six cameras can be controlled at once. 

Unleashed is now crowd-funding on Kickstarter, at €129 (around $145) with June 2017 delivery. It’s quick fix for a problem we encounter often and definitely a wise investment. The only problem could be your photo camera brand; so far, Unleashed is functional just for Canon and Nikon.


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This Remote Control For Cameras Lets You Keep Your Wi-Fi Connection
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