Renault Unveils E-Plein Air and It Looks Stunning

Image source: Cnet

Automobile enthusiasts always like to see a classic come back with a modern twist, and Renault has done just that.

4L International is a festival dedicated to Renault’s first front-wheel-drive family car and this year was its 10th anniversary. The company celebrated by unveiling the e-Plein Air – a fully electric re-creation of the classic Renault 4 and 4L “Plein Air” open-top version.

The e-Plein Air was created by Renault Classic, Renault Design and Melun Rétro Passion, which sells parts and accessories for older vehicles. The 1960s original was reportedly designed for the military, but it ended up as a beach car instead.

Image source: Cnet

Underneath the chic appearance, are the electrified mechanicals of the Renault Twizy two-seater. The 6.1-kWh battery is good for 62 miles of range on the quadricycle, but we’re not sure how close the e-Plein comes to Twizy’s 992-pound curb weight, so it’s unclear if the performance will be the better or worse.

Both the interior and exterior have been slightly modernized. On the outside, there’s some new livery along with the lower body panels, and there’s a much more modern grille upfront. On the inside, there’s a new set of seats and a digital display that shows speed and battery capacity among other things.

The e-Plain Air is a great looking little beach car and hopefully, it will make at least limited production. The success of this EV could convince other carmakers to create similar nostalgic re-creations of their classic models.

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