Report Says Samsung Is Investing Heavily in Camera Zoom

corephotonics tele lens smart phone lens comparison
Credit: Corephotonics iPhone 7 Plus Zoom vs Corephotonics Hawkeye Zoom

Globe, an Israeli publication, spilled the beans on Samsung’s latest acquisition plans. According to the outlet, Samsung is in advanced talks to buy out Corephotonics, an Israeli company working on smartphone cameras and advanced zoom solutions.

Corephotonics is already providing zoom expertise to Oppo but, if the acquisition happens, we could be seeing Samsung taking the lead in this field.

Just how important this buyout could be?

“Combined with multi-frame technologies, image fusion and multi-scaling, this camera (setup) could provide up to a total of 25x zoom factor,” explains Corephotonics in a white paper.

To put this into perspective, Huawei P20 Pro, the hottest smartphone of 2018, offered a camera with 5X zoom and claimed quite a few awards.

If Samsung buys Corephotonics, which has more than a hundred patents to its name, and starts putting out triple camera setups with that level of zoom, other smartphone makers will probably find it hard to compete.

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