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Ringly Launches Wearable Bracelets All Stylish Women Can Say Yes To

Wearable jewelry is a way to meet stylish women’s expectation while delivering a way to keep track of their fitness progress and notifications. While some companies are giving it safety features, too, Ringly is happy to deliver simply gorgeous accessories. They were one of the first to design smart rings that really spoke to fashionable women and are now launching bracelets to make the set complete.

Ringly’s Aries bracelets are made of gold-plated metal and semi-precious stones such as Lapis, Tourmalated Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone, and Labradorite. The design is inspired by bangles but the bracelets have clasps to secure them tight on the hand, making them easy to wear alone. Fortunately, they come in different sizes, to fit any wrist and are delicate and inconspicuous enough to be passed as casual jewelry. Most of us search a unity in outfit and accessories, staying away from anything too bulky or from different materials (plastic, for example), so it makes a great addition #objectmagic.

So what do they do? As the smart rings, they buzz anytime you receive a call, a calendar alert or notifications from Social Media platforms. You can customize the buzzes from the app. Ringly works with more than 100 apps, including the popular Uber, Whatsapp and Snapchat. Also, they finally introduced step tracking, so you can take notice of your daily fitness effort.

The battery won’t last for more than a day or two but you will receive the item with a charging stand for $195. Plus, if you;re one of the first 1000 buyers, Ringly will decorate your bracelet with a real diamond.

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