Robotic Camera Rig Creates 3D Animations Using Light

Robotic Camera Rig Creates 3D Animations Using Light

Credit: Josh Sheldon

Twitter user Josh Sheldon, whose bio simply states ‘I like to make lots of types of things‘ has automated the process of creating long-exposure light paintings, which ultimately resulted in stunning light animations.

Sheldon designed, built and programmed a photography rig that helped him achieve the shots himself. The contraption did not make the long-exposure photography process faster though, so every frame needed at least a three-second exposure, adding up to 12 hours of work for every animation.

Josh has been generous with his creation, sharing all the details on GitHub. Just keep in mind you’ll need some serious skills and knowledge in order to succeed at a DIY project like this.

If it’s not your thing, you can just enjoy Josh Sheldon’s animations in the video below.

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