Samsung Announced Their First ISOCELL Camera Sensors For Phones

samsung isocell camera sensors

Samsung took advantage of the MWC Shanghai event to announce the ISOCELL brand under which they will launch four types of camera sensors for smartphones #hardwaremagic

The South Korean manufacturer is serious about creating and improving camera sensors for them and other OEMs. The ISOCELL name, coined in 2013 for the first time, returns today with four different types of sensors under its wing. They’re called suggestively Bright, Fast, Slim and Dual.

The Bright one is useful for low-light shooting. It will offer smartphones equipped with it  low noise and high color fidelity.

The Fast sensor is all about auto-focus speed. It has the ability to track moving objects even in a dark environment.

Slim is what a manufacturer would choose for a phone where the size of the body matters. It’s made of the smallest pixel sizes available in the market (0.9-1.0um) without compromising the quality of the photos.

Finally, Dual is, as you guess, a configuration of sensors that answer the customers’ needs.

Besides the introduction of the brand at MWC Shanghai, Samsung is attending to showcase the Exynos 9 processor series for mobile, Virtual Reality (VR) and wearable devices.

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