Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Will Make You Regret Your Galaxy S20 Purchase

If you thought Samsung Galaxy S20 was sweet, wait until the Galaxy Note 20 comes out! It’s gonna be better than the S phone on all counts.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra pretty much rocked our world with its display but Note 20 is going to take it up a notch. The entire series will have the new OLED displays from Samsung, which are 15% more efficient and have the lowest blue light emission on the market. They will consume less power, which is great news because there is a chance we’ll have a 120Hz refresh rate on a QHD screen. The Galaxy S20 supported that refresh rate only on the full HD screens, hoping to save battery. 

Another big win for the Note 20 series is the latest fingerprint sensor from Qualcomm. With this on, you’ll unlock your phone faster, have more wiggle room and use two fingerprints to access it in the same time is. Basically, you can make it the Fort Knox of phones! A missed opportunity, if you ask me, on the S20. 

MicroSD was another missing feature on the Galaxy S20 phones. Rumor is Note 20 will start with 128GB of onboard storage but will provide microSD, helping you expand the storage as your heart desires.

The best part is you won’t have to sacrifice anything in return. The rest of the phone will be very similar to the flagship Galaxy S20! The sharp angles may replace the rounded corners but the central, tinier punch hole is here, the bezel-less design returns and the Snapdragon 865 is coming, together with 5G. Or the Exynos 990 for those of you who do not live in the States. 

There’s no headphone jack, again, but that’s not a surprise by now. Note 10 series didn’t have one and for the first time, the S series threw it away. But you’ll get past it when you see the cameras. Word is, the same module from the S20 will come to the Note 20s. Are we gonna see the 108MP lens and 100x zoom on the phablet? We might, either on the Plus or on a third phablet, if Samsung decides to bring an Ultra here too.

Plus, all your processing needs will be met. How? Watch the video above to find out!  

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