Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Increases Galaxy S7 Production To Save Money

Samsung is facing some difficult times. After its whole Note 7 range has been accused of catching fire on multiple occasions, the company has decided to stop production, distribution and ultimately safe. The only thing they can do now to save face (and money) is to up the production of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge #mobilemagic

After the hell they’ve been through in the last couple of months, Samsung has finally thrown in the towel. The production of the phablet was halted permanently.  So, what now, you may ask. Well, if what analysts estimate is true, then the South Korean giant is facing losses of $17bn, as around 4 million units were manufactured and then retreated from the market.

In this context, Samsung has to cover their losses the only way they can – revamping the production of this year’s flagship devices: Galaxy 7 and Galaxy 7 Edge. Expect to see a lot of ads these days, especially since holiday season is approaching.

The only problem is those devices are months old. In the meantime, Apple has launched two new phones with iPhone 7 Plus catching a lot of attention and now, Google has launched Pixel, putting strain on all other Android devices. The end of the year might be one of the saddest ones yet for the company, even if they succeed to turn a new page in 2017 with Samsung Galaxy S8.

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Samsung Increases Galaxy S7 Production To Save Money
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