Samsung Z Fold 3: Camera Upgrade Is Not Quite What You’d Expect

Samsung Z Fold 3: Camera Upgrade Is Not Quite What You’d Expect

Samsung is gonna change their phone series in a BIG way in 2021. For one, they’re going to bring an exciting camera upgrade to the Samsung Z Fold 3.

Well, exciting for some. Samsung Z Fold 3 is obviously the successor of Z Fold 2, which just came out this September. So, why are we talking about this phone now?

Word is that, while the next Galaxy phone will keep the February timeline, the foldable series is set to come out early summer. 

Wasn’t summer the time for the Samsung Note phablets? If you’ve been a Samsung fan or closely watched the mobile industry, you’ll know that in August Samsung unveiled the Note series; a wildly successful series by the way, since most of their sales were brought by Note 20 this year. 

Then, why the overlap? Well, it won’t be an overlap actually, as Samsung is planning to replace the Note phones with the Z Fold phones.

Apparently, Z Fold 3 is gonna come with the S Pen on board. The phone will have S Pen support, with some saying it’s gonna need its own battery. How come? Well, Z Fold 3 will be all about enhancing the features it implemented nicely in Samsung Z Fold 2.

Like the ultra-thin glass. The 2021 generation of UTG might use AES technology to make sure the screen isn’t ruined and can support S Pen scratches. However, said technology will make the glass softer. 

Also, an S Pen with a built-in battery will be thicker, heavier. Could it still fit inside the case? And if it won’t, is this gonna make the phablet less appealing to you? Tell me in the comment section below.

The Z Fold 2 was a major improvement over the first Z Fold in Samsung’s defense but… I feel they should make the Z Fold 3 UX almost perfect for the price they’re asking. There’s no reason to believe Samsung Z Fold 3 won’t go for $1,999 at least, like its predecessor. 

Therefore, at $2,000 I want to see a better display and a neat solution to the S Pen problem.

Especially since Samsung is capable of spending resources and time on something… not entirely useful.

An under-display selfie camera. Samsung will try to outrun Xiaomi next summer and bring this particular feature to the Z Fold.

But while Xiaomi is doubling the number of horizontal and vertical pixels to achieve that, Samsung is increasing the gap between pixels. Apparently, the company’s plans are to widen this gap between the pixels over the camera lens so light can pass through.

By keeping the rest of the pixels normal, Z Fold 3 shouldn’t have a display problem. And the camera will be virtually invisible most of the time – just like an under-display fingerprint scanner, showing up only when you need it. 

That’s cutting edge but in Z Fold 3’s case, is it really the best place to improve? You can always just use the main camera with the outer display, that is. 

Or should Samsung upgrade the camera itself, which will likely be a 12MP, maybe 16MP triple module with a 10MP front shooter?

I really wanna know what you think – comment below! As for the rest of the phone, don’t expect any design changes. More in the video above!

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