Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra Update Brings Camera Improvements

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra Update Brings Camera Improvements


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is now Samsung’s top-of-the-line smartphone and the company directed all its efforts towards it, from connectivity and storage to camera prowess. Although is not yet released, Samsung is proactive by bringing pre-launch updates.

According to Tizenhelp, for a better camera experience, the company came up with the G988NKSU1ATBR firmware version of 418 MB. 

The pre-update also includes the March 2020 security patch level, so-called ‘the security update’ from the future.

The update rolls out in the company’s home country of South Korea, and although Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra already had a great camera, the company decided to also improve the auto flash functionality.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will officially arrive worldwide by next month.

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