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Samsung’s Smart Contact Lenses Could Take Photos In The Blink Of An Eye


After Google filed a patent for smart contact lenses in 2014, meant to track glucose levels in tears, Samsung had a go at this sort of technology too, filing a patent for contact lenses equipped with sensors, built-in camera and display unit #objectmagic


According to blog SamMobile, the company’s application features lenses that can take photos each time you blink, by projecting images onto your eyes. Then, the content captured is sent to the smartphone through embedded antennas where it is processed. These smart contact lenses would be much more discreet than any other type of wearable and camera and could even involve the user in augmented reality experiences.

If you’re a serial blinker, don’t worry – the technology could be controlled through the smartphone’s interface if it comes to fruition. We’ll have to wait and see if Samsung assigns resources, people and time into this project since many patents remain at the stage of concepts.


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