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Scientists Built Glasses That Fool Facial Recognition Software


Glasses are pet peeves for biometric systems but even so, the best of them can’t be easily fooled; unless you have a pair of chunky, extremely colorful ones with patterns that fool the best of facial recognition programs. That’s the conclusion scientists from Carnegie Mellon University arrived to, after experimenting with different frames #objectmagic

In a public paper, the team explains how their over-sized glasses with different patterns on the frames disrupt the facial symmetry machines are used to. Moreover, they can give you another identity like a silicon mask prop would do in a movie. To test this theory, scientists used the glasses to challenge the commercially available Face++ platform, which is accurate in 97.3% of the cases.


The trick worked with a 41-year-old male researcher impersonating actress Milla Jovovich; he was identified as a female celebrity with 87.87% accuracy. Yet, a 24-year-old female researcher didn’t pass for 79-year-old Colin Powell more than 16% of the time. The team had more luck with tests where race or gender was swapped, not entire characters.

These glasses are capable of doing much more than Privacy Visor, but do they have a real application? Most facial recognition systems are supervised by a human operator who would never mistake Milla Jovovich for a grown-up man!

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Scientists Built Glasses That Fool Facial Recognition Software
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. TR

    April 12, 2017 at 7:12 am

    You mean that’s not Djokovic?

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