See How Samsung “Fit” 512GB On A SSD Smaller Than A Postage Stamp!

512GB-BGA-NVMe-SSD (1)

Samsung has managed to score a first in the tech industry with a 512GB SSD solution in a one-chip package #hardwaremagic

Laptop manufacturers can rejoice over the extremely tiny SSD created by Samsung – it will definitely match any Ultrabook, being just 1.5mm thick. PM971 holds 512GB of memory on a chip that measures less than a U.S. postage stamp: 20 x 16mm. The solution reaches 1,500MB/s reads and 900MB/s writes thanks to Samsung’s TurboWrite tech.


At these measurements, it’s obvious that the chip can be stuck directly to a motherboard, instead of having to change to fit industry requirements. Wicked, right?

There are also 128GB and 256GB versions, all of them becoming available this June.


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