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See Samsung Stretchable OLED Display Bend In Two Directions!

samsung oled stretchable display

Last week, at the Society for Information Display 2017 event, Samsung kept its promise and showed off a next-gen display technology. An OLED panel that could bend from above and from below and still recover its form. After last week’s rumors and a pretty understated presence at the event, Samsung finally went online to reveal their stretchable display #objectmagic

The South Korean manufacturer grabbed everyone’s attention at the conference with a 9.1-inch OLED product, flexible beyond belief. Compared to what we conventionally understand by “flexible OLEDs”, panels that only bend, fold and roll, this one can be stretched in two directions. To understand better the concept, the company uploaded this demo on YouTube:

As you can see in the split-screen video, the stretchable display can be pressed from above, in which case it depresses like a rubber balloon. But it doesn’t stay that way; just as swiftly, it recovers its form. The technology is scalable and it retains image quality even when it is pressed to a depth of 12mm.

This resilience can do wonder for our future gadgets. A stretchable display won’t crack as easily, naturally, but it will also be able to shift and transform as the device’s functions require it. This quality will open many possibilities for app and games developers. Samsung believes this kind of technology will completely change the landscape of “wearable, Internet (IoT), automotive or artificial intelligence (AI) applications.”

What do you think about their breakthrough?

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