Self-Healing iPhone Could Repair Dead Pixels By Itself


One of the patents filed by Apple two years ago was revealed at the start of this year, causing quite the stir among iPhone fans. Apple is proposing the concept of a self-healing smartphone, one that doesn’t need external repair in various scenarios #mobilemagic

Patents are submitted all the time and this is no indication that Apple is going to make these ideas reality in the iPhone 7. That said, the company is certainly considering this future direction. The patent speaks about a method that would automatically detect when water has breached the speaker and play a special tone through it that would get rid of some of the liquid, without the implication of the user.

Another interesting fix refers to the dead pixels on an iPhone’s display. These could be remedied through a process that begins with screen diagnosis while the user is asleep at night. Also, Apple mentions the possibility of repairing issues with the camera and cellular connection.

All that sounds incredible, but we’re pretty skeptic here and rather wait to see it happening than rely on wishful thinking.

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