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Senstone Pendant Is Your Hands-Free Digital Notepad

Constantly hit by ideas when you have nothing to write them down with? I’ve been that road too, my friend. The first thing you can do is get your smartphone and take notes… but if the phone’s out of juice, you’ll have to rely on memory. Senstone hopes to relieve that stress with a pendant that takes voice memos and translates them into text #objectmemo

Senstone pendant

Senstone has 29mm in diameter and can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or brooch. To activate it, you simply tap the device and speak. When you’re done recording, the pendant automatically syncs with your smartphone and saves the memo. Reminders can be organized according to location or tags. Also, Senstone can keep your memos stored internally if you don’t have your phone in range.

Senstone bracelet

The wearable device looks stylish enough to be passed for a smart accessory and nothing more if you don’t want to answer questions. Don’t worry about language – it might not be a Google Translate on the go, but it does recognize and record in seven different languages. 

With a bit of luck, the device will be available through Kickstarter this November with a fundraising goal of $50,000. Expected shipping should happen in spring 2017.

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Senstone Pendant Is Your Hands-Free Digital Notepad
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