Six-Legged Robot From Vincross Cares for a Succulent Plant

We’ve had our share of scary or simply creepy-looking spider robots crawling about, so now it’s time for one to calm us down from the horrors: meet the six-legged spider flowerpot.

Hexa initially was created by Beijing-based Vincross as a platform that could be turned into anything by developers. Yes, even a walking flowerpot.

The cute little robotic insect/ flowerpot  owes its creation to Sun Tianqi, Vincross founder, who, in 2014, created an installation project that features a walking succulent plant.

The entire idea came to him after seeing a dead sunflower that was withering away because it had been placed in a spot where the sun did not reach. Tianqi thought that, if the plant could have, in some way, walked out of the shadows and into the sunny areas, it would have survived.

This particular experience was what led to the installation project and ultimately to the creation of Hexa as we know it now.

Tianqi Sun/Vincross

Tianqi used a standard Hexa but he replaced the original shell with a flowerpot that held a small succulent plant.

The robot, thanks to its various sensors, is able to care for the plant – it makes sure it gets just the right amount of sun and if the plant needs water, it will start to do a little dance to get your attention.

You know what else it does? It squats and swipes when humans approach it. It’s cute as hell and no one can convince me otherwise.

It’s obvious that this particular system was also created with the purpose of showing how versatile the Hexa can be as a platform, but none the less, the act of caring for a plant by giving it some sort of autonomy is still a gentle sentiment.

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