Watch: Skyrim on an Amazon Echo Wins E3 2018

E3 is definitely the biggest gaming event of the year and Bethesda just won it with the best joke of 2018. In the video above, Keegan-Michael Key plays Skyrim: Very Special Edition, the biggest RPG of the past decade, now in an Alexa-compatible version.

Gamers have long made fun of Bethesda’s tendency to port Skyrim on any available platform and now they took it one step further, imagining a present where an RPG could be compatible with a smart assistant. And a pager, because why not?

Some are even reporting that Skyrim Very Special Edition for Alexa is actually real, pointing out to this Amazon listing with some pretty fun mechanics:

“Fight dragons


Fight another dragon

Eat sweet rolls

Fus Ro Dah

Chase butterflies

Burn spiders”

PC Gamer even demonstrated it in action so, if you have an Alexa-compatible device, it’s your time to shine, Dovahkiin!

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