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Social Media App “Wheel” Offers A Brand New Way Of Sharing Videos On The Internet

Vine and Snapchat are the most popular apps who are glorifying videos as the best shared content on Social Media. One year ago, Facebook wanted to take it a step further and released an app that let you create chains of videos with friends, only it didn’t play out as well as they hoped so they dropped the project. Now, Wheel is here to make things right with an app targeted at teenagers.

Wheel app helps you record a short video based on a theme and then invite your followers to chime in with other videos, thus creating a chain video. Before it launched, CEO Paul Boukadakis said the app went through a focus group that included Arnold Schwarzenegger as well, so he’s convinced his app’s fate will be very different than of Facebook’s Riff:

“Riff was clunky and a good example of an inelegant stab at cracking collaborative video. Wheel is a much better experience across the board and and has additionally lowered the barrier of entry to creation because people don’t have to feel the pressure of being THE creator, they can just jump into someone else’s story. It’s high reward for very little risk.”

The app launches today on iOS, if you want to give it a spin and make #mobilemagic.

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