Sony 3D Creator App Turns A Smartphone In A Detailed 3D Scanner

sony 3D creator

As expected, Sony showcased two new smartphones at this year’s IFA edition. Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact are equipped with the best of Sony technology, while also showing the company’s new interest in AR. The new phones are equipped with a camera app that allows 3D scans of people and objects that can be later on used in augmented reality experiences #mobilemagic

One of the newest and most surprising features of the latest smartphones announced by Sony is 3D Creator. This camera app acts as a 3D scanner, using just the hardware already present on the phones, to take pictures of your friends in three dimensions. Now, this is not a novelty in itself, but the accuracy with which it works and the final, detailed results are certainly worth gushing about.

The 3D Creator app can take full head scans, as well as food scans and other object captures. The scan is done in seconds and the result is a very crisp capture of what you can see if your own eyes. You can also edit it a bit afterwards and, then, insert all avatars in Sony’s AR apps and play with them.

You can watch your friends play FIFA in augmented reality or dance on the kitchen table clumsily. There’s a way to turn them into animated stickers too and send them in group messages.

Plus, we just found out that Xperia XZ1 is one of the few devices that can play Netflix in HDR. You just have to update the app and chill while watching your favorite show on the phone.

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