Sony Could Debut A Truly Bezel-less Smartphone At IFA

bezel-less display for sony

This fall, Sony might do the unthinkable: ditch the bezels once and for all. Rumor is they will be debuting a truly bezel-less smartphone at IFA 2017 #mobilemagic

It all started with a Weibo post.  It stated that Sony was going to announce a new flagship this September, at IFA Berlin. Meanwhile, JDI, the display manufacturer, has begun mass production of a 6-inch Full Active QHD display with 18:9 body ratio. That’s significant because JDI is a joint venture of Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi. Naturally, if the company wants to play in the bezel-less league, it has first dibs at JDI’s displays.

It would be surprising to see the company follow this path, after they’ve hung on to a design with thick bezels.  But maybe, just maybe, they’ve realized this is the direction users are going for. It might mean “no headphone jack” but many could argue the Wireless Age is already here. So, what’s the point in resisting wireless headphones?!

Sony hasn’t given anything away so far. The mystery phone doesn’t have a name, a startling feature or a confirmed design. So, stay tuned for that sort of information – it’s bound to appear in the following months. One thing is certain – they will debut the new device on August 31, the day of its official press conference at IFA Berlin.

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