Video Shows How iPhone 8 Prototype Compares To iPhone 7

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Sketches and renders can only go so far. They aren’t really the best indication of how a smartphone will feel like in the end, as users text and call from it. But a prototype gives us more to go on. So, when the first iPhone 8 prototype and case leaked online, we had to share the moment with you #mobilemagic

It’s no secret anymore that Apple is planning on launching an OLED iPhone with glass body, no physical home button, vertical dual camera and nearly bezel-less display. These new features are bound to make the iPhone 8 look pretty differently than its predecessors… but will that be a good or bad thing? One YouTuber had the chance to make up his mind just last week, as an iPhone 8 prototype landed in his hands:

As you can see, the front of the smartphone is almost 100% display. The glass has never looked better, especially since it’s continued by a glass back and a metallic frame. The glossy finish of the black device makes it minimalist and stylish in the same time. The only thing we’re once again bothered by is the dual camera bump on the back. It’s pretty massive and therefore contrasts with the barely-there side buttons.

After comparing it with an iPhone 7, we can see iPhone 8 is slightly wider than the 2016 handset but should still be easy to lock/unlock and navigate in one hand.

What do you think? Is this design better than what we’ve seen so far from Apple? 

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