Sony Compact Cameras Fight to Remain Relevant With Superzoom

sony hx99 ifa 2018

As smartphones’ cameras get more DSLR-qualities as time goes by, keeping a small form factor, compact cameras are seemingly on the verge of extinction. Yet, Sony has a hard time letting go. At IFA, the company proved there are still things a smartphone just isn’t able to do, but a travel cam certainly can.

What’s that, you ask. Superzoom is the short answer. The Cybershot HX99 and HX95, both announced are capable of handling a 30x, 24-720mm f/3.5-6 equivalent zoom lens in a 1,5-inch wide camera frame. That’s quite a feat, one that won’t be replicated by any mobile manufacturer soon.

Add to this a small form factor – making the camera fit easily in a belt bag or pocket – and 4K video recording… and you might be tempted to give it a try. Sony definitely grabbed our attention at the trade show, since it was one of the few big companies that split its focus in different areas. They unveiled a mobile phone, the Xperia XZ3, as well as a smartwatch, and a speaker that could turn into a party staple.

The HX95 and HX99 are solid builds, offering built-in OIS, RAW recording and a 10fps burst mode. Touchscreens are present and the HX99 even has a lens ring so you can better adjust aperture, ISO and other settings. Keeping up with the pop-up trends this year (Vivo Nex, anyone?), there’s also a similar system that triggers the electronic viewfinder and a flash.

As for price, be ready to pay around $610 for the HX99 one if you’re willing to fight the good fight alongside Sony.

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