Sony Fixes The PS4 Malicious Messages Issue

Sony Fixes The PS4 Malicious Messages Issue


Over the weekend, a number of PS4 users had been reporting receiving PSN messages with unreadable characters that crashed their consoles, leaving them inoperable.

With the large number of users reporting the same issue over the last couple of days, a PlayStation support account finally responded to a user that pointed out the problem, on Twitter, and stated that they have “since fixed the issue.

Sony did not officially acknowledge the issue via a press release or a blog post just yet but they’re not the only ones who faced this kind of a problem – earlier this year, Apple had to patch iOS after a bug would crash multiple messaging and email apps if the users received a particular Indian language character through them as well.

If you still don’t feel safe enough, you can still set your privacy settings to only allow you to receive messages from friends, which should, in theory, keep the issue at bay.

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