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Sony Reon Pocket 2 Wearable AC Is Here To Make The Heat Wearable

Remember the pocket wearable air conditioning unit Sony unveiled a while back?

The Sony Reon Pocket must have been a hit, cause now there’s a follow-up to this cute and useful gadget.

The Sony Reon Pocket 2 wearable AC might look almost identical with the previous model but the company says it’s almost twice as useful.

This nifty little gadget can achieve up to twice the level of heat absorption, so it’s going to offer extra cooling, and has a better resistance to moisture, so you can wear it during exercise as well.

The Reon Pocket 2 also works with a phone app, so you can control the cooling level easily, and charges with USB-C.

The previous model was launched with a special, Sony-made undershirt, but this one is going to work with both your regular clothes, thanks to a neck strap, or with especially designed golf shirts from brands like Le Coq Sportif, Descente or Munsingwear.

Unfortunately, just like for the first Reon Pocket, the Reon Pocket 2 release is limited to Japan only, with no mention of a worldwide release.

Still, if you want to order it from there, prepare to pay 14,850 yen, which is around $140.

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Sony Reon Pocket 2 Wearable AC Is Here To Make The Heat Wearable

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