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Sony Is Saying Goodbye To PS3

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Sony is parting ways with their “teen” console, the PlayStation3. After a 10-year life cycle, the company has decided to stop its PS3 efforts and concentrate on the newer gaming consoles #hardwaremagic

At the end of last year, PS3 turned 10, an age at which Sony usually considers that theirs product have been “used and abused” for long enough. Once again, the time has come for Sony to turn over a new leaf and concentrate on their latest and future ventures. The word regarding the PS3 halted production spread out after a Japanese publication discovered a change on  their 500GB black product page in Japan.  Indeed, it appears that Sony has decided to stop the production of new consoles in Japan, at least.

This also probably means that shipment will be stopped, so if you still want to get a PlayStation3 console for one of your games, you’ll have to look for second-hand ones.

When? “Soon”, Sony says. Don’t expect any more software updates or PS3 titles support once that happens. The rumor was reignited by a tweet from a game shop in Japan, stating PS3 will meet its fate at the end of this month.

Remember – Sony PlayStation3 brought along many firsts:

  • it was the first console to take advantage of Blu-Ray
  • it featured Sony PlayStation Network first, introducing social media services
  • 1,760 Sony PlayStation3 devices were used to create a very powerful supercomputer that could perform 500 TFLOPS

What do you think – did Sony make the call at the right time or are there still reasons to keep the PS3 around? 

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