Sony Vision S is The Car You’ll Want, But Likely Won’t Get

Sony Vision S Is Basically a 4-in-1 Car

After years of seeing headphones and TV upgrades from Sony at CES, we were pretty much resigned to cover a predictable showcase. So, imagine our surprise when Sony’s biggest headline was a… car. Sony’s first concept car, Vision S.

Sleek lines, modern finishes and a beautiful, ivory leather interior spoke about Sony’s attention to detail and automotive trends for this decade. Although, there was nothing to make the connection to the Sony brand visible.

That could be because Sony doesn’t intend to commercialize this car any time soon. Not in this form, anyway. It is more a vision of Sony’s in-cabin technologies for the 2020s. The company’s intention was to create an outlet for their infotainment system and safety features.

By outfitting the Vision S with 33 sensors, their proprietary 360-degree audio and 5 interactive screens on the dashboard, Sony hopes to show what an entertainment ecosystem could look like. The surround sound tech can be customized and adjusted from an app by each individual in the vehicle (driver and passengers). In-seat speakers will ensure a rich experience for all passengers.

The in-cabin camera system uses face recognition and motion detection for two reasons.

First, in order to ensure the safety of the driver, by looking for signs of drowsiness.

Then, it is capable of storing custom profiles for each person in the vehicle which get enabled once they are inside. The profile can store seat position preferences, entertainment preferences, heat and so on. You don’t get one car that everyone has to settle for, but four cars in one.

Without rearview mirrors, the car counts on its myriad of cameras to see on the road. It’s obvious Sony has designed the concept car with full autonomy in mind.  

As for deployment, Sony Vision S seems to be a blueprint more than anything (although it has a steering wheel and switchgear, plus it’s estimated to accelerate to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds.) Its technologies, however, are key here and clearly targeted towards carmakers, inviting them to build the car of tomorrow.

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