Sony Xperia 5 Has Some Nifty Tuning Tricks for Streamers

Sony Xperia 5 Has Some Nifty Tuning Tricks for Streamers

Sony Xperia 5 is Sony’s fall offering for gamers. The phone is set to arrive in stores this October, the UK getting a precise release date – on Thursday. We had the chance to see it up close before the release, at IFA. How was it? Who will get the most from it?

During our brief hands-on, one thing was clear: while its predecessor was more focused on movies than games, this Xperia caters to streamers. The Game Enhancer mode is back and it’s a feature Sony is betting on much more this time around.

Within the Game Enhancer, you can enable an option that turns off all other distractions and choose between better performance or better battery life. You can also open up a browser to find gameplay and tips from the left side and turn it into a full-width screen later. In this respect, it’s very similar to the Game Genie on ASUS ROG Phone 2.

Streamers has Sony’s full attention this time around.

Video recording with two cameras at the same time is possible. This means you can simultaneously record gameplay and yourself while playing. You can also adjust and enhance the audio from the Game Enhancer.

Here’s where we had a blast; controls let you manually choose the pitch and volume but also adjust how manly or womanly you want your voice to be. We’ll let you decide if that’s a good-to-have quirky feature or simply a weird addition.

In terms of display, the same 21:9 screen is back, although it’s smaller this time around, making the phone more compact.

If the Xperia 1 proved using your smartphone with one hand is extremely convenient, trust us – Sony Xperia 5’ more compact display and lighter body will make many Sony fans happy.

The gaming perks don’t stop here though. Watch how Sony leveraged Playstation 4 to get users interested in the Xperia 5!

Sony Xperia 5 is available on Amazon UK for £699 and B&H for US at the price of $799. While most European countries will get the phone shipped this month, US buyers will have to wait until November.

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