This App Lets You Train Like An Astronaut

space nation navigator app

Self-improvement might sometimes feel a little out of this world, but with Space Nation Navigator, it will literally be out of this world! One of the few NASA-endorsed apps, this self-improvement application was created by utilizing NASA’s database of astronaut training knowledge.

The Space Nation Navigator has three areas of focus: body, mind, and social. In each area you’ll find a lot of games, missions, and quizzes, organized based on three difficulty levels. In this way, the app combines the motivation of leveling up and personal progression with actual NASA training techniques. 

“We hope an app like Space Nation’s will help global users better understand what it takes to be an astronaut in a fun and entertaining way,” said Mike Read of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

In addition, Space Nation Navigator has tangible prizes, like a free tour in Iceland where you’ll train in the same place as NASA astronauts. With these prizes and training regime, the developers see the app as an entry way into a more space-conscious public.

“Space Nation Navigator and the Space Nation Astronaut Program are the first training tools for civilian pioneers of future space travel. Low Earth orbit is open for business, companies are preparing to mine asteroids and build hotels. More and more people will visit space. This next step in the new space race will require a host of skills, skills that Space Nation Navigator will provide to anyone in the world,” explain the developers.

Right now, the app is only available on Android but an iOS version is in the works. You can download it for free at Google Play Store.

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