Spotify Launches Its Audio App Spotify Green

Spotify Launches Its Audio App Spotify Greenroom

Image: Spotify

Today, Spotify launched Spotify Greenroom, available on iOS and Android in over 135 markets worldwide.

Similar to Clubhouse, the up will allow users to host live conversations about sports, music, and culture. Designed by the same creators and artists who made Spotify great, the app includes new exciting features like:

  • A new overall appearance and user experience
  • Live rooms available for all users
  • New onboarding experience focused on users’ interests 
  • Recording capabilities for on-demand content with live conversations
  • Chat controls

With all those features at hand, Spotify is aiming to better know their users, and learn more about their ideal live audio experience.

At its core, The Spotify Greenroom app has Locker Room’s existing code, so current Locker Room users will see their app update as Greenroom starting today. The app will be constantly optimized with interactivity and deep connections between participants in live rooms, which can host up to 1,000 people for now.

Moreover, the company is advertising a creator fund, where users will be paid based on their engagement and how popular their rooms are. Exclusive deals with creators are also on the table, and interested users can find out more here.

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Spotify Launches Its Audio App Spotify Greenroom
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