Xiaomi Mi 11T: Everything You Need to Know From Best Features to Price [Updated]

What’s better than the Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 11 Ultra? An in-between, a phone that keeps everything that makes the Mi 11 so good, while ditching the camera island of the Mi 11 Ultra and adding some next-gen features, at a spectacular price. That’s what I think we’re gonna get from the Xiaomi Mi 11T this summer.

If you forgot the Mi 11T was coming up, I don’t blame you. Xiaomi pretty much outdid itself with the Ultra, at least camera-wise. After crossing some important milestones, Xiaomi seems to be resting for now. Imagine boasting 3 million sales worldwide of the Mi 11 series – you would have nothing to worry about for the rest of the year, right? Especially if these phones were the most wanted in China. 

Xiaomi Mi 11T: Same recipe as Mi 10T, amazing price

However, Xiaomi has been a busy bee and worked – a bit in the shadows, that’s true – on the Mi 11 T. If you remember from last year, the Mi 10T wasn’t the company’s flagship so to speak but it was pretty close. The best thing about it had to be the price – ridiculously low, half of the full price of a Mi 10 Pro. 

This year, we might not have the same luck.  

You are gonna have on your hands a premium device starting from €746/£634, according to a couple of European retailers. The 8/128 GB would be nowhere near the expected price, while the 8/256 GB combo would be priced at €778/£661. That’s just a bit lower than the Xiaomi 11T.

The 11T Pro 8/256 GB version is rumored to cost €929/£785 with the lower one (8/128GB storage) selling for €896/£759.

Mi 11T: Camera and tracking

Looking at how the Mi 10T turned out, I think we should get a $450-$500 device with two major upgrades. One is an under-display selfie camera. Xiaomi will not be the first one to embed one, so in Mi 11T’s case, the quality and accuracy of the camera will matter in the end. If they manage to make an under-display selfie shooter that takes good quality photos, then that is going to open a whole new world for us, users. 

The second is ultra wideband tracking technology. That is extremely precise tracking of your device and any accessories connected. It also is what the current iPhones work with and what AirTags and SmartTags are based on. 

These two should open the show when the Mi 11T series launches. Of course, they are going to be followed by a suite of fancy features. I’m hoping for a couple of new camera modes or improvements, to be honest. No, we won’t get the camera island of the Mi 11 Ultra (including the display). I think the T series won’t ruffle any feathers and instead opt to follow in the footsteps of the Mi 11 vanilla model.

Thank God, honestly! I’d much rather have a smaller camera module and one that’s more flush with the body of the phone. Expect a triple camera on the back, led by a wide angle and its side-kicks, an ultrawide and a… tele.

Here are details regarding the camera specs!

Mi 11 T: Impressive fast charging, flagship specs, and our ONE request

Now that I’m thinking about it, I do hope Xiaomi is going to stick to the under-display selfie tech and refrain from implementing an under-display fingerprint scanner. Honestly, their side fingerprint scanner works even better and shouldn’t be messed with. There. I said it. 

I’m going to make another prediction and please, let me know if you think I’m right here: Mi 11T will go the safe route with the battery cell – topping at 5,000mAh – but it is going to impress with fast charging speeds. I’m thinking 120W wired and 70W wireless charging… something along those lines. 

And if things are murky in the battery and camera department, at least we know where we stand, power-wise. Mi 11T is going to run on the Snapdragon 888 and at least 8GB of RAM with 256GB of storage. To be honest, I will hold hope for 12GB of RAM just because… Xiaomi is no struggling phone maker. They can treat users to 12 gigs! Likewise, bloatware and MIUI bugs – please Xiaomi, make it simple, make it seamless! 

Other than that, Mi 11 T can honestly be the best buy this August-September! With all these features on, at $500, it is going to be a steal! What about you – are you thinking about getting one? Or are you already up to date with a Mi 11 Ultra?

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