Star Citizen Can Mirror Your Facial Expressions In The Game

star citizen

At this year Gamescom edition, Cloud Imperium Games announced a new feature for the upcoming Star Citizen game. The MMORPG title will track your facial expressions and mirror them in-game #softwaremagic

The company behind Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games, partnered up with Faceware Technologies to bring something called Face Over Internet Protocol in their heavily promoted multiplayer online role-playing game. FOIP uses motion capture to bring a gamer’s expression in the game, making its avatar’s interactions extremely realistic. You’re dealing with a face expression transfer, basically.

In order to translate the facial expressions in real time, FOIP uses webcams. Those take the gamer’s natural expressions and, by coupling them with his voice, “project” him in Star Citizen. Cloud Imperium Games and Faceware Technologies also showed how the final result would look like and… we can’t escape a feeling of uneasiness seeing it in action.

They’ve done clearly a good job with it… almost too good, as it gives off uncanny valley vibes. Despite that, if you love games that mirror reality as much as possible, look out for the game release. The feature should drop in the 3.1 version of the game. Also, Cloud Imperium Games wants to develop and sell a special, 60 fps webcam to make sure the experience goes smoothly.

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