Swiss Scientists Create Dazzling Color-Changing Chocolate

Swiss Scientists Create Dazzling Color-Changing Chocolate


We live in a world where colorful, bright objects attract everyone. Why not make chocolate sparkle? Swiss scientists at the ETH Zurich university have created brown chocolate colorful, without adding additional colorants.

They have figured out a method to imprint a special structure on the surface of the chocolate that makes it shimmer and give it a rainbow-like glow.

“The process is similar to a chameleon, whose skin surface modulates and disperses light to display specific colors.” the Zurich university stated.

“The effect is achieved simply through a surface imprint that produces what the scientists refer to as a structural color,” The team says the chocolate is ready for mass production, has created a mold that can imprint the surface of multiple chocolates.

Big chocolate producers are already in talks with the scientists to make this vivid chocolate dream come true.

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