Watch ANYbotics Test its ANYmal Robot Down In the Zürich Sewers

ETH Zurich

In 2018, we’ve heard a lot of talk about multi-legged robots but don’t think that just because the year is nearing its end that we’ll stop talking about them.

Introducting ANYmal, a quadrupedal Swiss robot that is the brainchild of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich) and ANYbotics. The robot has been under revision for years but it’s only now that technology has advanced enough to truly put it to the test.

And what test would be better than a trip down the sewers?

The sewers in Zürich are actually an optimal environment for the engineers to test the robot’s sensors: the sewers provide a real-world scenario that comes with a number of obstacles like darkness, water, steam and smoke. According to the engineers, the robot should be able to find its way around these issues.

You can watch the video of the test session below.

ETH Zürich / YouTube

All the data the ANYmal has gathered during this trip was collected and will soon allow the robot to travel the Zürich sewer system completely autonomously.

ANYmal is a multi-purpose platform, which means that its skills can be used beyond just inspecting sewers: it can also find purpose on industrial sites, on natural terrain or debris-filled areas for search and rescue tasks.

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