This Robot Can Handle Irregular Terrain but It Can Also Really Bust a Move


We’ve seen robots in a number of different forms this year and the engineers don’t seem to be getting any less creative when it comes to shapes and sizes.

Everyone is looking for robots – from emergency services to security firms and various types of industries, and this hexapod robot from Hong Kong based Robugtix aims to fill in every available position.

Impressive skills: the Z6 can not only work in search and rescue missions but also, apparently, beat you at Poker.

Photo via Robugtix Facebook 

The robot is called simply the Z6 and it can fit in a backpack, measuring only 20 x 23 x 13.7 cm (7.8 x 9 x 5.4 in) when folded and 52 x 49 x 17 cm (20.5 x 19.3 x 6.7 in) when all of its six jointed legs are deployed.

It’s controlled via a joystick controller with an integrated monitor and its ability to climb obstacles and other types of irregular terrain makes it ideal for exploration or search and rescue missions.

The Z6 is also perfectly equipped for dancing and doing aerobics on Synthwave music, it seems, according to the video below.

Robugtix / YouTube

The Z6 has its own built-in camera that can live stream video and complete control over all of its 18 motorized joints with 3 degrees of freedom per leg, which allow it to roll over and put itself back into place if it gets flipped over, navigate tight spaces and carry cargo, if needed.

That cargo can be anything from pan-tilt cameras to grippers and sensors, depending on what its mission is at the time.

For the moment, the robot is not priced and there’s no news concerning availability.

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