Tesla’s Light Show Rivals Homes’ Funky Christmas Lights
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Tesla’s Light Show Rivals Homes’ Funky Christmas Lights

This year, Tesla’s Christmas gift was the ability to make your car shine bright as a diamond… with a light show of its own.

If last year, Musk offered his customers silly sound options, with cars farting and bleating like goats, this year, he played it safer. One of the updates released on Christmas Eve was Light Show. This is Tesla cars’ new ability to follow a song’s rhythm with their lights.

To create one, drivers have to download xLights, a free open-source software. There, they can work on their light show and put it on a USB to upload it to their car.

One light show can last up to 5 minutes and if you’re uninspired, you can always download other creators’ works of art.

This feature is available for Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 4 and Model Y cars.

Besides the Light Show, Tesla released new games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, the multiplayer version of The Battle of Polytopia and Sudoku. Tesla owners also have the option to access TikTok from the center touchscreen and project their voices through the car’s external speaker (Boombox Megaphone feature.)

Curious about Tesla’s holiday software update?

Here are all the novelties for this end of year.

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Tesla’s Light Show Rivals Homes’ Funky Christmas Lights
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