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Texting Alters Our Brainwaves But Should We Stop Sending Messages?


Researchers from Mayo Clinic have proved that messaging has a noticeable effect on our brain waves, a change in rhythm that scientists haven’t seen ever before. But is this phenomenon destructive or active? Should we limit our texting habits or carry on undisturbed? #mobilemagic

Almost 130 people participated in this study over a period of 16 months. From them, 1 in 5 experienced the “texting rhythm” but it wasn’t enough for the team to find a common denominator. It seems that this texting effect is not influenced by gender, ethnicity or age group. It’s not even clear what part of texting is responsible for it, but the discovery is undeniably fascinating.

“This is one of the first reports of a technology-brain interface which have been shown to exist,” Dr. Tatum, the lead author of the study said in an interview. “While it’s still preliminary information right now, it may be remarkable in the effects it could have on the gaming industry and issues of brain-computer interfacing.”

Until they have more data to launch a theory, is it safe to keep texting at the speed and frequency that we do now? It’s hard to say. Scientists wouldn’t speak of their finding as a possible danger for our health but they do mention that it appears to be a destructive frequency “more typically identified in people that have a slowing of their brain waves.”

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