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The Best Places to Play Hearts Online

So you’ve stumbled upon a game of Hearts and remembered it’s so fun! After all, in a world of flashy graphics and microtransactions, sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics.

If you just want to take a break and play an old school game to clear your head, we made a list of online places for all Hearts lovers to enjoy and kill some time. 

And best of all, you don’t have to pay a dime to play because they are all free to play websites.

So with that being said, here is our list from which you can choose where you can play Hearts and many other games.

  1. Hearts on Solitaired

Solitaired is a place where you have access to numerous popular cards and board games online for free! It brings a little spice to the table, so if you happen to get bored from playing Hearts, you can choose from a big variety of other card and board games. 

You can even play with other players without the need to register. But why wouldn’t you want to join their thriving and friendly community? One of many benefits of joining is collecting trophies and competing for the leaderboards.

Registered players have the option of playing any of the games with the same account on any device. The Solitaired site has many useful playing guides for their games on the website.

With a super simple user interface and minimalistic graphics, it will run smoothly on any devices you might want to play from.

  1. VIP Hearts
vip hearts

VIP Hearts is another website for playing Hearts online and many other card games.

Their UI is simple yet effective, and the website is fast and responsive.

Here you can set what type of Hearts game you wish to play, from beginner, custom, or maybe try yourself out in some tournament Hearts games. 

The only downside is that you need to register to their website if you choose to play against other players, but that shouldn’t be much of an issue because they have a warm and welcoming community.

  1. World Of Card Games
world of cards

If you really want to kick it oldschool, World of Card Games is like taking a time machine back to the late 90s. When’s the last time you actually mailed a webmaster? Still, this website has many card games, one of which is Hearts. 

The User Interface is retro, funky and even lets you customize it with various wallpapers, making you feel back in the MySpace era.

There’s no need to register if you just want to play Hearts against AI or casual players. However, if you aim to compete in ranked and tournament Hearts matches, it’s going to require you to register on their website.

  1. Cardzmania
cardz mania

Cardzmania is another great card game website where you get to play Hearts. 

The User Interface is aesthetically pleasing and simple, but the lack of customization options for themes is unfortunate – we do like having personalization!

There’s no requirement to register on this website for you to play against other players.

The only reason you need to make an account on this site is the ability to compete for their weekly cups and a chance at the leaderboard.

If you are a Hearts fan at heart (pun intended) and you miss having this game in your actual OS, you’ll definitely enjoy all these websites. The differences between them are slim and the player preferences of UI customization shouldn’t affect your gameplay experience. 

They all did a great job of creating fast and interactive sites which is the most important thing when it comes to playing games of this type online. Enjoy!

Article contributed by Nebojša Rakić
About the author: I’m a passionate content writer specializing in driving businesses through digital, visual and content marketing techniques. I love playing basketball and spending quality time with my friends and family playing various board games. Always happy to connect with like-minded people and share ideas together!

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The Best Places to Play Hearts Online
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