The Best Samsung Galaxy Smartphone For A Gear VR Flawless Experience


The latest flagship phones from Samsung came along a VR headset powered by Oculus. The small price almost convinced mobile users to get one but what smartphone should they pair it with from the new ones?

Oculus CTO set things straight yesterday, in a tweet. John Carmack advised to get the S7, not the S7 Edge, if you want to enjoy an immersive movie or game. The man behind the Samsung + Oculus project stated that the Edge would cause optical problems.


First of all, a curved surface wouldn’t match perfectly the Gear VR, leaving empty pixels behind. Secondly, the Edge is bulkier and would cause external light to leak in the VR headset, distracting you from the visuals inside.



Gear VR goes hand in hand with the new smartphones and costs 100$. For a limited period, you can get an additional gift set of 6 games. Moreover, in the Samsung Milk VR app, you’ll be able to see a fascinating perspective of The Martian, moments from The Hunger Games series, a special show created for VR, Gone, and games like  Land’s End and Eve’s Gunjack.

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