The First Smart Typewriter For Distraction-Free Writing


Take it from me: there’s nothing more distracting than email notifications or Facebook messages when you’re writing. It’s easy to say “close the tabs” but what if they’re ways to communicate with colleagues, even superiors? In the same time, it’s hard to resist the temptation of opening one. more. tab… right? So, one team thought of a writing tool that’s distraction-free. The FreeWrite.

Previously known as Hemingwrite, when it originally launched on Kickstarter,  the digital typewriter makes writing extremely easy… and wasting time on YouTube very, very hard. That’s why it’s genius!


Besides offering a full-size mechanical keyboard, an E-Ink screen and internal storage for more than 1 million pages of text (you could start a novel on it), FreeWrite allows sharing; not selfies but documents to other devices via Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive through Wi-FI.

Named righteously “the Kindle of writing composition”, FreeWrite becomes available today for a a 24-hour speed sale at $449, after which the price will increase to $499 through March. Shipments begin in March.


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