The Future of Car Dashboards? Microzone Displays That Bend, Says Visteon

The age of bendable and foldable displays is here. And not just in the mobile industry, in the automotive, too. The future of car dashboard screens belongs to premium displays that bend, helping to create a personalized experience. The leading cockpit electronics supplier, Visteon, has developed their own solution which could soon be seen in every smart car out there.

We met Visteon at the beginning of year and were impressed by their sharp-looking instrument clusters. Upon closer inspection, we found out what made these pure eye candy: microzone LCD displays.

These types of displays are Visteon’s creations, born out of the need to solve various in-cabin problems, starting with contrast. Abhay Rai, VP of product Marketing at Visteon, explained that increased contrast is vital for drivers. High dynamic range cameras can provide drivers with essential information of the road, provided that the displays are able to showcase every detail. OLEDs do a decent job but are challenged by light-changing environments.

Microzone LCD displays don’t have that weakness. Instead, they offer “the best of both worlds and deliver it at a fraction of the OLED cost.”

Not only that, but Visteon has given them the ability to change shape. They have made them curved and bendable at will. Abhay Rai showed us how their latest cockpit products can bend 5 degrees backwards and 15 degrees forward, emulating a race car experience.

But that’s not all. Visteon is really taking the lead by not only creating the shape of future cockpits but integrating safety mechanisms in a cost-effective way.

Their partner, Xperi, has provided them with cutting-edge driver monitoring solutions that Visteon has integrated directly into the instrument cluster through a proprietary framework. You won’t see the cameras inside the cluster but they will be working to detect whether the driver is paying attention to the road or not.

Thanks to Xperi’s software, the system can detect a new driver, how attentive they are behind the wheel and if they are not, their drowsiness levels.

How important is to have such a system in your car? Pretty important; in fact, Visteon says it will become mandatory by 2023. Cars will sports these systems more frequently in the next couple of years and the best implementation so far seems to come from Visteon.

By implementing it in the instrument cluster, Visteon believes it will offer the best user experience for the driver: natural, seamless and cost-effective.

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