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The “Secret” Technology Behind iPhone X: “This Can Save Lives”

Inside many commonplace pieces of tech like the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7 and many other smartphones is a secret piece of technology that “can save lives.” Abul Nuruzzaman, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Invensas (part of Xperi), talked to us about Invensas’s vision of speeding up data processing times while minimizing the space through their powerful semiconductor technology at Mobile World Congress. #mwc18

Invensas found a way to enable powerful, direct connections between electronic parts without taking up more space, leading to faster communication and processing. Abul Nuruzzaman compared it with a skyscraper versus lots of individual houses. In a skyscraper, more living spaces are built in, stacked, on the same surface.

They’re doing the same with their semiconductors: “We stack – we put one chip on top of another, on top of another. That way we minimize the space but how do we make it thin, not too tall? […] We have innovative technologies called DBI and ZiBond which can miniaturize these electronic semiconductor devices”, the VP revealed in our talk.

In a nutshell, the DBI is made of “more interconnect channels placed in a smaller area so you can lower the frequency and still increase the performance.” That enables very thin devices, which is one of the reasons why Nuruzzaman calls it “the technology of the future”.

The faster we can read data, the more lives we can save

Nuruzzaman and Invensas wanted to create this technology for real world applications that need to read and process data quickly. For example, by being implemented in smart cars, it can save lives. “[Let’s say] you are driving a car; if it sees someone, it will take action and hit the breaks. If [those] cameras [that detect] take too much time processing that data, it’s going to be too late.” The difference of one millisecond of data processing could be all it takes to prevent a smart car accident.

That fast communication is crucial when handling vast amounts of data. Even though you often can’t see Invensas’s semiconductors, the work it does is incredibly powerful and impactful. Watch the whole video above to learn more!

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