The Sky Is Not The Limit: Unbelievable Footage Captured By Professional Drone Pilot

As amazing as the everyday drone footage may seem, that’s nothing compared to what professional drone pilot Johnny FPV has managed to capture. In his video titled “The sky is not the limit,” Johnny FPV showcases some incredible and unbelievable footage, all captured by a drone.

Now, this is no ordinary consumer drone; instead, Johnny FPV builds this drone from scratch using parts from AstroX (frame), Lumenier (motors), and RunCam (camera). He also has this drone fitted for a GoPro Hero 7 Black.

While this drone can be built at home – all parts are listed in the description of Johnny FPV’s video – it’d be hard to recreate what he is doing. Not only would you have to know how to solder and make sure everything is wired correctly, but you’d also have to have professional drone piloting experience.

Unlike common consumer drones like DJI’s excellent models, this drone would lack features like safety warnings, return to home, and pilot assist modes. Favoring powerful performance over everything, this drone also only lasts 3-5 minutes meaning the pilot needs to be extremely aware of how long they’ve been flying.

If you’re interested in knowing how you could build your own drone, check out Johnny FPV’s channel! However, we urge caution; Johnny FPV has years of professional experience. You may end up crashing a few drones trying to recreate what he does in his videos!

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